The deadline for uploading videos is May 20, 2021


Every year we give awards to 6 Caucasian artists/groups who win in the Caucasian Music Awards Phoenix.

Winners in 1 nomination – Video of the year – are selected based on the Youtube “Likes”.

Winners in 4 nominations – Song of the Year, Debut of the Year, Band/Artist of the Year and for Music Development – are selected by a competent jury from four countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey  and Georgia).

If jury members choose different candidates, then the artist/group with the most Youtube “Likes” wins.

Phoenix staff selects a winner in the nomination – Heroes of Phoenix.

In order to participate in the Caucasian Music Awards Phoenix, musicians shall upload videos on this site. Musicians must have copyrights on music, lyrics and video clips.

We reserve the right to block videos that do not correspond to our requirements – video shall not be recorded by a mobile phone, shall not have a TV logo on it, shall not be a full live concert, shall not include pornography, violence, hatred, insult on religious or national values.

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