We are carrying out Caucasian Music Awards “Phoenix”
That starts from Caucasus Rock Festivals of 90’s.

The Caucasian Music Awards “Phoenix” is an internet project.
Caucasian Artists/Bands upload their video clips on our web page.
We award 6 best Caucasian Artists/Bands in 6 nominations.
We used internet resources at most to create a music infrastructure,
Where Armenian, Azeri, Turkish and Georgian Artists/Bands cooperate and perform on a single stage

We created a database of Caucasian Artists/Bands through 9 year of stable cooperation history.
On our website, you can get maximal information on ongoing processes in the Southern Caucasian Contemporary
Music and on Artists/Bands acting in this region.

With support of the Ministry of Culture and Tbilisi City Hall,
We managed to conduct live ceremonies of Caucas ian Music Awards “Phoenix”since 2014. 
After live events popularity and awareness of the project has risen significantly and interest towards the Caucasian
Contemporary Music increased in the region and outside its borders.